Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our sixth year.

       As we begin our sixth year at Al Lago,in Zahara de la Sierra,I cant help but think back to the day we opened.We had moved to southern Spain from New York city two years befor.Our arrival in Spain was less than aouspicious.Our plane touched down at Malaga airport in gale force winds.Our 18 month old son wailing and screaming.As we arrived at the rented flat on the coast waves battered the coast line sending sea spay up over the road.
       We began a search that took two years.Traveling up and down the coast of Spain from Terrifa to Velez-Malaga.In our travels we saw no fewer than 350 properties.A delapidated monistary,A mango farm,old mills ,illegal chalets, failed restaurants and half built villas.Just as we began to loose hope we saw a property come up on a web site that looked interesting.¨Restaurant overlooking a lake!¨ We decided to drive up and take a look.Eight months later we were moving in,our furniture going up the back staircase as customers entered the bar.The waitstaff asking for change,and what would be on the menu today.We have come a long way.

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